How to get Windows on MacOS!

4 min readAug 16, 2020


You might be on a Mac system, but want to play some games that are Windows only, or maybe you’re using a bot that is Windows only and you are not allowed. The great thing about a Mac is that you can actually access Windows in a couple different ways on your Mac system. This isn’t what I generally write about, but for you sneaker botters out there this might be pretty useful (and gamers).

  1. BootCamp

I personally have used this method in the past. I would not advise to use this method as it is the most complex to install as well as having the worst integration with Mac. Here is a link to a YouTube Video that shows great steps as to how to download.

This method also will take quite some time downloading so I would advise you to have another device that you can do your work on. When I say worst integration with Mac what I mean is that you basically have to choose whether you want to be on only Windows or only Mac, having to switch between will make you have to reset the machine which get’s quite annoying.

The one good thing about this method is that it is free and is already apart of the Mac system so there’s not really any extra downloads you will have to make.

2. Virtual Box

I have tried this method in the past, but for a very short period. This method is the hardest download wise, but may be worthwhile as it allows you to access Windows “virtually” so switching between Mac and Windows is a lot better. Here is a link to a YouTube Video that shows steps to download.

The download process for this is not too hard, but may get a little confusing. This method is also free which is great but the main issue I see with Virtual Box is that there is a lot of lag that comes along with it. I am unsure if it was my internet, age of my Mac, or any other specs that would affect it. If you experience lag with this method it’s sometimes so bad that it’s just unusable.

Note: This is actually pretty cool because you can use Virtual Box to run MacOS on Windows!

3. Parallels Desktop


This is definitely going to be my #1 recommendation when it comes to running Windows on Mac.

Parallels is a desktop application that is downloaded. Windows is run virtually but through the app. It runs great, I’ve had no issues with it yet. The integration between Windows and Mac is the best out there. You can access downloads from your Mac in Windows vice versa. Parallels has done an AMAZING job integrating them together and really cannot be out done. Not only that, once you download the application you’re basically done. Super fast installation.

All this sounds good, but it comes at a price. There is a free trial period which you can go ahead and try it out, but once that is over you will have to purchase to get a license key. The license payment runs yearly at a price of $79.99/year for the standard edition (Home and Educational uses). The pro version will cost $99.99/year but it is meant for developers and those who run a lot on the application. There are more specific that you can check out on their website.

Even at that price, I honestly think it’s worthwhile if you use Windows regularly. Parallels has really done a great job on creating this service and I believe if they raised prices people would still purchase this.