Should You Get Into Sneaker Botting?

3 min readJun 18, 2020


I’ve made a few stories about different sneaker bots and how to flip them, so I thought I’d go ahead and write one talking about whether you should use them. Overall, there is generally a negative stigma around sneaker botting, it gives a group of individuals an unfair advantage to cop multiple pairs of limited sneakers, leaving manual users in the dust.

However, like Jim Henson said, “If you can’t beat them. Join them.”Once you get into sneaker botting, you probably won’t stop. The biggest limitations I would say for someone not to get into sneaker botting is price and time. Bots are not cheap, developers know that people want them so they’ll charge a premium price for premium bots. Sneaker botting also takes time, what I mean by this is the user has to learn about the bots and take time to set it up. It’s not just a click of a button and boom shoes appear, there’s more to it. This article is going to be more targeted towards beginners and the first step into sneaker botting so I’m not going in depth into bigger named bots (if you want to learn more about that you can check out my bot flipping article).

If you want the best bot, you will have to pay prices up and sometimes even over $1000 USD. But, if you’re just getting started and haven’t used a bot before there is no reason for you to get those bots. Bots overall operate about the same, there are proxies, tasks, profiles, etc. However, there are better beginner bots just because of a large user base so there are many guides and support to help you, as well as an easy interface to operate on. My recommendation of beginner bots are NSB Bot and AIO Bot V2. The reasons I say these are the best for beginners is because these bots are always in stock and there are a variety of videos explaining how to use them on YouTube. They are a good all around bot, supporting Footsites, Shopify, Yeezys, and more. I would say NSB Bot is the best for beginners, they have good success rates and very simple to use, but it comes at a high price of $499/year. While AIO Bot V2 is a one time fee of $325, it is not as popular as NSB and has less success rates but still good to take a look at.

If these prices are high there are some ways to reduce it. The best way in my opinion is for you to join a cook group and that cook group has a group buy with a Bot. I know NSB Bot does group buys with larger groups and you can get a copy for around $350/year so it’s a lot cheaper and it’s a great deal! AIO Bot v2, I haven’t seen any group buys with them, but it can’t hurt to request it. Another thing to do is go on their Twitter pages and every once in a while they may do a giveaway for post some sale prices so be on the lookout for that.

One final thing you can do is actually rent out the bot. You’re technically not saving money in the long run, but if you’re using the bot for a short time it may be worth to test the waters. You can rent bots out through various services such as BotMart and Tidal Bot Rentals (on Discord). Always use a middle man to make sure bots are legit and you aren’t getting scammed. Ask around your cook group to see a good price, etc.

When sneaker botting you want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. If you’re paying $499/year for NSB bot, but you only buy 2 pairs of shoes and make a $100 return, you’re losing money. Only go into botting if you’re willing to invest the time and you’re sure you can make the money back. The first year may be hard, but you should learn as you go. Use it to it’s full potential so you’re not wasting money and time on the bot.